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Natural disasters when she criesGreen eyes, they''re mineLike the climate you never now what weather you...

disaster英[dɪˈzɑ:stə(r)] 美[dɪˈzæstə(r)] n.灾难; 彻底的失败; 不幸; 祸患; [例句]The Chernobyl disaster, which irradiated large parts of Europe 使欧洲大片地区受到严重核辐射的切尔诺贝利灾难 [其他...

However, once such evils befall our lives, we may be greatly shocked and suffered, and it’s difficulty for us to recover from it in a long period. For example, if a familiar friend passes away suddenly in a traffic accident, th...

never because 这不符合自然规律

C give away“分发, 放弃, 泄露”, affect“影响”及物动词, suffer from“遭受” ,deal with“处理”。从“ we are sure to overcome all difficulties.”这句话可以推断出前半句的意思应该是“尽管我们遭受着严重的自然灾害”,因此应选C。

no .we can't.our human is too small.manbe in the future,as we all know ,2012is a destroy year.so donn't worry

这个句子不是疑问句,是个感叹句,how在这里也不是疑问词,是个感叹词。 这句话的意思是:自然灾害对发展中国家来说是多么大的灾难啊!

Natural disasters are actually not dangerous if we add prevention 译文:自然灾害影响人们过上正常的生活。有这些类型: 如地震、滑坡、海啸、台风、洪水等突发性...

In my view, human cloning will bring about many disasters, such as the social order disorder, and moral problems.

Our country region is vast, the weather changes a lot and floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and seismic resistance disasters waiting, this not earthquake of ...

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